This massage is an easy and natural way to achieve a balanced harmony of body and mind. This technique was developed in the early twentieth Century in Japan using Chinese healing methods.

According to the viewpoint of Asian medicine, energy flows thorugh the body via channels called meridians. In the Japanese Shiatsu Massage they distinguish 12 meridians; some of these meridians are associated with functions of internal organs, and external treatment of certain pathological disorders can be provided. In healthy people the energy flows unimpeded by the body through the meridians.

Shiatsu Massage can stimulate a weak flow of energy or can calm excessive energy. Before the Shiatsu therapy, there things must be done: Warm the body, relax the muscles by extension and secure a foothold.

The Shaitsu Massage is performed by applying pressure with one or more fingers or the palm of the hand on the body of the person receiving the massage. The pressure on each area of the body lasts 2-7 seconds, or up to 30 seconds in some cases. The effect is not limited to the surface, but also reaches the meridians, nervous system and internal organs. It is very important to know the meridians and exert pressure in a relaxed and firm touch in the exact spot so the patient can achieve the stimultion of energy circulation. In some points of greatest tension, the person may tend to feel pain, so you have to bear in mind the degree of tolerence and sensitivity of each person, and a good therapist ensures that the patient synchronizes his or her breathing and is relaxed with this extraordinary natural stimulation therapy.


30 min 60 min
$25 $40