Reflexology is an ancient and ancestral art from the egyptians, Chinese and Japanese. Thou-ghout history, Reflexology has been used in different civilizations as an effective  healing method in which the power of "energy balance" is used. In the practice of Reiki energy, it is called "KI".

The Reflexology Massage is a sensory experience that provides a deep massage with gentle pressure using a thumb in forefinger. Through this massage, the therapist obtains information about the patient's health status and body condition. With the art of manual and digital reflexolgy massage, we examine the lumps or bumps on the feet to show us if there are inflamed organs, or any abnormal condition in the body.

Today Reflexology is widely known and practiced in many countries of the world, and is recognized as a means of prevention and cure for many bodily and nervous disorders; it is also used in support of conventional medicine.


30 min 60 min
$25 $40