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We don’t double dip! Wax is applied to the skin with a wooden tongue depressor, which is immediately discarded after being applied to your skin. This method keeps wax fresh and germ free. We use disposable pedicure liners for each service, and sterilize all our tools with liquid disinfectant

Great Service

Our professionally nica staff are very experienced and friendly. Most of our staff have been working at Gaby’s Spa for years, and we pride ourselves on having many regular expat clients whose preferences are always met with the greatest attention to detail. We love having great relationships with our clients, and we understand the importance of making you feel comfortable during your time with us.

Quality Products

We use wax that is gentle on the skin. Our estheticians disinfect the area to be waxed, prior to waxing and apply natural coconut, tea tree or jasmine essential oils post waxing, to ensure clean, baby smooth results.

Some tips for a fine depilation

Waxing is the most popular depilatory technique in Latin America and the States, after shaving. But our depilatory wax is better than shaving in so many ways:

  • It can take up to 3 weeks for the hair to grow again.
  • Continued use will weaken unwanted body-hair.
  • The system leaves your skin smoother.

Tips before waxing

  • If you’re going to the beach, remember you should remove the hair at least two days before, because the area may get irritated.
  • Don’t use moisturizers.
  • To weaken the body- hair, exfoliate the skin while taking a shower.
  • Do not wax during your period, it may be more painful.

Tips after waxing

  • If your skin becomes irritated, apply a cold rosemary infusion or alovera gel.
  • Oat milk applied after the waxing is very useful for sensitive skins.
  • Chamomile tea avoids irritation.
  • Wheat germ will relax your skin.
  • Apply an astringent to refresh your skin and close the pores.